About Us

Elm Valley Foods is an independent merchant wholesaler, supplying ambient, chilled and frozen goods throughout East Anglia. Our team serves customers throughout the region from our warehouse just outside Elmswell in the heart of Suffolk.

We hold in stock a very wide range of branded and non-branded products as well as a full range of beverages and front-of-house items. We also greatly enjoy sourcing unusual or hard to find products for our customers.

Our proposition is simple - we deliver customers the products they order, when they need them, in the condition they expect them at the price we have agreed with them. 

We offer deliveries five days a week throughout East Anglia using our own experienced drivers and tracked, multi-temperature vehicles.

We have an old-fashioned approach to customer service, we aim to be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and good at problem solving for our customers. We accurately process, deliver and invoice orders, and communicate openly, clearly and quickly with our customers.
Our team members have significant catering experience as chefs, managers and owners of catering businesses and we are focused on understanding our customers’ businesses and needs. Our customer service and communication sets us apart from our competitors.
We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of service and very competitive pricing. We offer the most competitive prices that we can on ALL our products ALL of the time. We have tailored price plans for our customers’ needs, instead of irrelevant promoted products, and offer excellent availability across our extensive range of branded and non-branded goods.

We are competitive because our warehouse is exceptionally well placed for serving our customer base, we do not distribute in large trucks but use smaller vans, our warehouse is meticulously clean but not glamorous, and our team is committed to delivering the best value to our customers every day. Our customers repay this by being very loyal to us and we pride ourselves on having very low customer turnover.